Saturday, January 7, 2012

Perfectly matched

You got so much to prove
Hopin they approve
The only thing that's true is all you ever do is do
You're movin shoe to shoe
But you're not goin
You stop growin
The moment that you stay at the top
The only way is to drop
Free fallin down the stairs that you climbed up, lined up to freely mount the air
But you dare not air drop
Tied up like a hair knot
Hikin down without a chance of steppin on a fair rock
And so you stand still in a standstill
Hands still building castles on a sand hill
Man chill is what your friends say
But you're not hearin what little men say anyway

Who can tell
Your livin is an organized hell
The mansion of your mind just an oversized cell
The pressure
Everythin is done to a measure
In the sea of competition sunk like a treasure
Like a feather fallin slow
Spiraling to the floor
Strung up like a broken violin to your course
Opportunity is knockin at your door
But you never left a welcome mat (it doesn't matter anymore)
Or anyhow but you're too late to turn back
Fate pushin you into the wall like a thumbtack
Aint no comebacks in this game of life
Roll the dice again
Roll it once, never twice

Want a break from the world but the world wanna break you
The weight makes your back bone curl up and ache you