Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stay fit, stay healthy.

Heh. Seems so ladylike of me to bring up this topic. (Eew?) Haha.

It's all because a nightmare I had last two nights. (>_<) It was horrific but kind of interesting as well. Guess what? I played a role of a criminal assistant in that dream. Too much AXN, I guess. 0_o

Then, a condition where I cannot sleep struck me. Hehe. Which make me turned on the TV, particularly KBSW. It turned out to be a documentary about how French women stay in shape and healthy. That turned 'the food science and technology student' switch inside me. A little bit.

It's their lifestyle that makes them fit. They eat full course meal, their food contains higher calories than American fast foods and they think diet is nonsense! Belibit (Believe it). (^_^). However, there are few habits that differentiate them with other population.

They usually take longer time for each meal which is about one and a half to two hours. Romantic French people aren't they?

They drink water all the time. Some drink water more than 2 L/day. They train their children to love water since they are little kids. When the children are allowed to choose between water and soda, they picked water!

They exercise everyday. They walk a lot because there are no school buses in France. They send and fetch their kids on foot. They make time to exercise even at work. Don't try to make excuses are you? Do whatever movements you want. Menarilah ala-ala TVXQ atau SNSD kat bilik.3 routines a day. Haha.

Eating supposed to help you reduce stress. If you are worried or feel stress about eating, your body will produce hormone cortisol which will make your belly pout.

There is a French saying: Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a beggar.

Bon appétit. ^-^

I am supposed to write about relationship between their habits and metabolism and all (bcoz i want to), but I'm in no mood to do so. (>_<)


~Kecikjer~ said...


no wonder "petite" comes from the french ^_~

p/s nari ala2 tvxq? Mau tgk!!! ><

biha said...

erk....baik kamu tengok jaejoong kamu je menari..

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